Harry Potter Primark Haul!

I've been in the mental health crisis house for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it was the perfect time for some retail therapy. You can never have too much therapy eh? Especially as Primark has released some new, limited edition Harry Potter merch! (NB: this isn't sponsored in any way, I genuinely... Continue Reading →

Survival of the Fittest- A Poem

It’s survival of the fittest dear, But you didn’t make the grade. You trod too gently on this earth, A fledgling unafraid. It’s survival of the fittest dear, And a monster he has come, Turned you black and blue he has, Yet still you loved and loved. It’s survival of the fittest dear, But that... Continue Reading →

Introducing my Little Fluffball

Pompom is my adorably bonkers fluffball (or in veterinary talk, he has ‘behavioural problems'). He’s a bit unique. His favourite activities include licking walls, getting ‘stuck’ in places he can easily jump out of, stealing sponges, crying that his shadow is following him, stealing bananas and more. He really loves his bananas. So much so... Continue Reading →

A Doughnut Induced Wake Up Call

The last time I went swimming, the lifeguard actually came down off his seat to check that I was alright. That’s how unfit I am. The poor guy thought I was drowning (though to be fair, I was having an asthma attack and I swim weirdly at the best of times.) I haven’t been able... Continue Reading →

I Nearly Died- (again)

I've not been feeling well enough to blog as regularly as I'd like. As you can tell by the title, I nearly died last week, courtesy of EUPD (my personality disorder). The bugger is constantly trying to kill me. Thankfully though, I seem to have more lives than Deadpool. I won’t go into too much... Continue Reading →

What NOT to do When in a Psych Room

I currently have not one, not two, but three security guards stationed outside my psych room. I have not attacked anyone. Instead, I keep accidentally stumbling across psych room faux pas...1.) Under NO circumstances climb on the furniture- perhaps you're wondering why I would climb on the furniture in the first place... I have been... Continue Reading →

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