Introducing my Little Fluffball

Pompom is my adorably bonkers fluffball (or in veterinary talk, he has ‘behavioural problems’). He’s a bit unique. His favourite activities include licking walls, getting ‘stuck’ in places he can easily jump out of, stealing sponges, crying that his shadow is following him, stealing bananas and more. He really loves his bananas. So much so that I had to move them on top of the bookcase. Pompom then learned to climb the 8-foot-tall bookcase just to steal them so now they’re locked in a cupboard. He acts like they’re catnip, though he doesn’t actually want to eat them. Just look at his little face…

He gets into all sorts of things he shouldn’t and this has led to a few… erm … interesting situations. Like, when I was dying my hair and he launched himself from his cat tree straight on top of my head and dyed himself blue. The dye was thankfully Manic Panic and so not toxic to animals, but he looked like a fluffy goth for months afterwards. I had to call the cattery and explain that Pompom would be partially blue when he arrives. At that same cattery, he managed to smash his bed to pieces (it was a futuristic-looking, plastic dome), ripped out the stuffing and basically destroyed everything in his room.

He loves kisses. He will grab your face with his paws to try and bring you to kiss him. He loves cuddles too, but for some reason, he always wants his face to be on top of your face. Unfortunately, he also loves attacking. He’ll go for your throat, eyeballs and he’ll corner you for seemingly no reason. The usual behavioural advice doesn’t work with him so my vets are going to refer us to a specialist in cat behaviour.


I’m talking about him today because I really miss the little bastard. He’s in a cattery several hours from me whilst I’m in the crisis house and I just want to give his fluffy belly a rub. His ridiculous antics cheer me up and life becomes much duller without him. He’s generally doing well at the cattery, but today he has been seen by the vet and prescribed antibiotics because he’s got a mouth/throat infection. Get well soon Pompom!


Additional note: before anyone says that he might be bored, I wanted to explain that he’s spoilt rotten and has a ridiculous number of toys. As well as little toys, he also has far more furniture than me; he has a floor-ceiling cat tree, a cat tree house (pic below), a cat perch/scratcher and a gigantic ball track that runs around the room. He’s just always been a bit different, (the vets use the term ‘high intensity’). When he goes to the vets, they have to sedate him to do any procedures, but he doesn’t react to them like most cats. Most sedatives make him more hyperactive rather than knocking him out, but we can only use trial and error to see which ones work for him.


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