Harry Potter Primark Haul!

I’ve been in the mental health crisis house for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it was the perfect time for some retail therapy. You can never have too much therapy eh? Especially as Primark has released some new, limited edition Harry Potter merch! (NB: this isn’t sponsored in any way, I genuinely love the products).


This is my Hedwig pillow, on top of my Hogwarts themed blanket. They’re both amazingly soft-makeup-brush-soft. You know those ridiculously expensive brushes that are so soft you can’t stop stroking them? That soft.

Somebody needs to develop a technology so that we can send textures via the internet!

The great thing about Hedwig (RIP) is that he’s quite flat, so I’ve been using him as a pillow. This has come in exceptionally useful because the pillows at the crisis house are useless- they literally deflate when you put pressure on them.


All my clothes are creased at the moment, because we don’t have access to irons or hangers/anything to hang clothes on. But, despite being as wrinkled as Dobby’s grandma, they’re pretty awesome clothes. The tops are also super soft. I don’t know what spell Primark put on these clothes, but they feel amazing!


These are two of my new bags. The backpack has the Gryffindor logo and house colours, and I loved it so much that I bought it even though I’m a Ravenclaw. I’ve used the backpack every day since I bought it and it’s so comfortable.

I’ve not used the other bag yet, because it’s too big for everyday use- it’s an overnight bag. It’s going to be useful when I eventually leave this place though. I absolutely love the Hogwarts logo on it too.


Even more bags! The top, large bag is a huge storage bag, and the bottom bag folds up into a tiny pouch. I’m convinced that the storage bag is Hermione’s handbag because I managed to fit all of my purchases inside of it, and still have extra space.


Look at these amazing shoes! The emblems on the side didn’t show up too well on my phone camera, but they’re so pretty IRL.


By this point in the day I was in full buying-awesome-shit-I-don’t-need mode. So now I have coasters for every house, matching toiletry bags with a lovely design and a beautiful necklace that I can’t actually wear. I bought the necklace without realising that something so tight around my neck would be a huge trigger for me, so I’m probably going to gift it to a fellow Harry Potter lover 🙂

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