Giraffe in a Baby Seat and a Health Update

I'm having a very up and down time at the moment. Sometimes I feel *almost* normal, other times I just want to die.

It's unsettling not being able to predict your mood or even understand what's triggering it. My brain seems to be doing its own thing. I swear I can almost hear it's evil scheming in the background šŸ˜›

I've been in the crisis house for over two weeks now, so I've already stayed past their usual time limit. Thankfully the consultant has given me an extension so that I have more time than is usually allocated. That extension runs out soon though, and I'm not sure I could cope at home yet.

I'm not really sure what the upcoming days will entail, but I'll update you if anything important happens.

On a lighter note, I saw a couple pushing around a giraffe ornament in a baby's seat earlier today. They've even strapped him/her/them in! Sometimes you just need
something silly to brighten up your day a bit…

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