I’m Back Home!

Yesterday I finally got discharged home from the crisis house. It feels so good to be able to sleep in your own bed- I actually allowed myself to sleep for 12 hours last night! It’s amazing being able to put your head on a pillow without it deflating. It’s also amazing to open a window when it gets stuffy, or take a shower whenever you want.

I have finally been reunited with my little fluffball and we’ve been catching up on all the cuddles we’ve missed. He has a unique perspective as to what constitutes as ‘personal space’. He tries to sit on top of my face whenever gravity allows it. On the rare occasion that I’m not in my bed and he can’t sit on top of me, he just shoves his paw in my face instead.

Things haven’t been all sweet and rosy, but I’ve decided not to dampen this blog post with all of that rubbish. I want to make a positive blog post for once! I’ll never be short of negative material to write about, but it’s quite special when something positive comes along.

So, in summary… I’ve managed to get through August. I’m back in my own flat (and have wifi!). I’ve got Pompom back.

So far so good…

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