A Bizarre New Symptom

Last week I developed a new symptom that landed me in A&E until the early hours of the morning. I somehow lost the ability to walk. It was not fun.

Basically, multiple muscles in my legs were spasming at the same time, causing uncontrollable movements in my legs. This meant that my legs were too wobbly to walk properly, despite them having normal strength. To add to the fun, my legs would jerk randomly when I hadn’t instructed them to.

I could hobble for a couple of steps, but I looked like a duck on meth. Then my knees would give way, or I’d lose my balance, and I’d fall on my arse. I fell on my arse a lot that day!

So how did it happen? I have no idea. I was sitting at my desk in the crisis house and got up for food. As soon as I tried to walk, I just fell to the floor. There was no pain or strange sensations, my legs just wouldn’t do what I told them to. It was surprisingly scary- I had completely lost control over part of my body. I managed to heave myself back up using my hands and do my druggy-duck walk, only to fall back down again soon after. I ended up wheeling myself around the Crisis House corridors using one of the office’s swivel chair.

At some point I fell to the floor and couldn’t get back up again. This was when the Crisis House staff sent me to A&E. I spent hours there, only to be eventually told by the Registrar that she doesn’t know what could’ve caused it. No investigations, no scans, nothing. She just doesn’t know. She discharged me with crutches to walk.

Strangely enough, exactly the same thing happened to me when I was about 9 years old! The doctors couldn’t understand what caused it then either.

Over the past week, I’ve gradually regained more control over my walking. Now, there’s no visible problem- my legs just feel a bit ‘off’.

As much as I’m glad that I’m no longer walking like a drugged up duck, I’m worried about what these episodes mean. You don’t just stop walking if there’s nothing wrong. Not knowing what it could be is setting my anxiety off. If anyone on here has ever heard of anything like this, please let me know. I’d love to get to the bottom of this!

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    1. I’d never heard of anyone else with the same thing before so thanks for letting me know you’ve had it too! How long does it last for you when you get an episode?

      For over 2 weeks now I’ve not been able to walk properly. I managed to do a spectacular splat when I fell over in front of a huge queue of people the other day. I brought the queue railings down with me at the same time- it was so embarrassing! The security guard had to scoop me up off the floor

      The doctors haven’t any idea what it could be in my case. I’m currently waiting on a neurology referral, but that’ll take months (I’ll do an update blog post at some point). I suspect they’ll never figure out whats wrong though. There’s still so much we don’t know about the body!


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