A Chronic Illness Rave

It’s no news that chronic illnesses gang up on you. Once one chronic illness has set up camp inside your body, it seems to send out party invites to all its mates. Before you know it, your body is host to an overpacked-chronic-illness-rave. To add to the fun, the illnesses can end up feeding off one another, so that when you’re ill with one of them, you’re ill with all of them.

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know I struggle with myalgic encephalomyelitis and Emotionally unstable personality disorder. Now, I’m also struggling with my mobility. I keep having episodes where I can’t walk properly. Basically, my legs aren’t doing what my brain is telling them to do.

I had another strong episode last night and was back in A&E. Then, this morning I’ve had an MRI of my back. Hopefully that gives some answers! I’m worried that the cause of my mobility problems is something like MS, ALS or brain cancer. I really hope that it’s not.

I’m just trying not to jump ahead of myself whilst I wait for the results. I’ve got enough problems to deal with right now without thinking about the future. For example, I need to find some way of sourcing a wheelchair so that I can get around more easily and safely. At the moment, I’m constantly falling on my arse or into walls. I did a spectacularly elegant splat in A&E yesterday and then fell through a set of double doors!

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