Neurology Appointment Update

I saw the neurologist on Tuesday and he was thankfully really nice. I had been worrying that the doctor wouldn’t believe me because my symptoms are so unusual, but he seemed to understand the situation (that’s one person at least!) He isn’t able to give me a diagnosis yet, because we need some more tests... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow is the day I’m finally going to see the neurologist! I’m hoping he’ll be able to tell me what’s wrong (or at least get the ball rolling for whatever tests I need to do next). Seeing the neurologist sounds like it’s going to be terrifying and I’ve not been able to concentrate properly all... Continue Reading →

I Pimped Up My Rollator!

Rollators are basically walking frames on wheels. They a move a lot more smoothly than walking frames, but they’re just as big of an eye sore. I got tired of walking (well, waddling) around London with a gigantic lump of metal around me. So, I got in touch with a London-based graffiti artist to help... Continue Reading →

My Demon Cat

The cat behaviourist came to assess Pompom on Friday. He’s the most extreme, and most complex case she’s come across so far. I’ve not really wrote much about him on this blog, other than to post some cute photos, but his behaviours are making him increasingly difficult to look after. The main three problems are... Continue Reading →

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