Neurology Appointment Update

I saw the neurologist on Tuesday and he was thankfully really nice. I had been worrying that the doctor wouldn’t believe me because my symptoms are so unusual, but he seemed to understand the situation (that’s one person at least!)

He isn’t able to give me a diagnosis yet, because we need some more tests first. I’ve had blood tests that are looking for autoimmune conditions that can affect balance. They took 7 vials of the stuff! I’m also waiting to get an appointment through for a nerve conductivity test. If all that is clear, then the next time I see him will be the 20th March. Yup, the 20th March!

I’m quite frustrated at how long this whole thing is taking! I have to keep reminding myself that longer waiting times is the price we pay for national free health care- I’d be screwed without it!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress 🙂

Just to let you know- I have several deadlines coming up on the 7th so I won’t be checking my WordPress notifications as frequently for the next few weeks. Here’s a photo of Pompom to compensate! He’s guarding his banana- his absolute favourite thing on planet Earth!

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