New Tattoo!

I was never a big fan of tattoos growing up. Then, around three years ago, I got a tiny semicolon tattoo as part of the semicolon project. Just one tattoo couldn’t hurt right? Well, I immediately fell down the tattooing rabbit hole and have got a new one every year since. This last tattoo is my biggest yet and I think I’m in love! It’s on my calf and took around 6 hours to complete in total.

I tend to get tattooed when I’m going through a really rough patch and so all 4 of my tattoos mean something important:

  1. My semicolon tattoo is a promise to myself that I will keep myself alive
  2. I have a tattoo of a blue flower on my thigh. This is in memory of the cousin I lost to suicide. It is a reminder of so many things that she taught me: to be gentle and kind, to ask for help, to laugh, and that everything can be solved with a home baked cake.
  3. I have ‘lots of love’ on my wrist. This is in My cousin’s handwriting, from a letter she gave to me.
  4. The calf tattoo: a woman holding the moon. It is an empowering image to me. It reminds me to be strong and to push forwards

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