Hello! I’m Maladaptive May. I have the amazing ability of choosing the least appropriate responses to everyday situations.

I went mad a couple of years ago and have spectacularly failed at everything I’ve done since. I did hope that being diagnosed with a mental illness would be akin to being bit by a radioactive spider. Perhaps now that I was officially mad, I’d develop creativity super powers! Alas, after much trying, I can confirm that going mad did not make me better at writing, drawing, acting, singing or composing music. Believe me, I tried it all.

I’ve now also been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy (aka chronic fatigue syndrome) so that of course adds to the fun!

That leaves us here, at this very blog. Hopefully it will be a semi-entertaining look into my life. A guide of what-not-to-do-unless-you’re-especially-keen-on-fucking-up-your-life. And if you’re in a similar position, I hope it shows that you’re not alone.

Obviously, the nature of this blog may be difficult for some, so please consider whether you’re in the right frame of mind before continuing 🙂

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