MRI Results

This past week has been packed full of medical appointments, I've had eight appointments in 5 days! I'm still walking like a duck on drugs, and we're still not much closer to understanding why. Sometimes I can walk normally, if a bit clumsily, but other times I can only walk a few steps before falling... Continue Reading →

A Chronic Illness Rave

It's no news that chronic illnesses gang up on you. Once one chronic illness has set up camp inside your body, it seems to send out party invites to all its mates. Before you know it, your body is host to an overpacked-chronic-illness-rave. To add to the fun, the illnesses can end up feeding off... Continue Reading →

A Bizarre New Symptom

Last week I developed a new symptom that landed me in A&E until the early hours of the morning. I somehow lost the ability to walk. It was not fun. Basically, multiple muscles in my legs were spasming at the same time, causing uncontrollable movements in my legs. This meant that my legs were too... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Home!

Yesterday I finally got discharged home from the crisis house. It feels so good to be able to sleep in your own bed- I actually allowed myself to sleep for 12 hours last night! It's amazing being able to put your head on a pillow without it deflating. It's also amazing to open a window... Continue Reading →

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